About Us

XPE was founded in 1422H/2001G specializing in providing services in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Since then, we unceasingly and continuously thrive hard in improving and developing our services, expertise and strengthening our capabilities in order to meet the rapid changes in technology.

XPE recognizes and understands the need in shaping the technological evolution which is subsequently changing business rules and models. It is in this reason that XPE has dedicated vast of its resources in cultivating and nurturing our capabilities for business in developing state of the art solutions fashioned that will suit to the diverse requirements of our customers.

With more than a decade and half of experience in dealing business together with our team and our partners (i.e. suppliers – local and international, business partners, etc.) we mature and gain significant edge in establishing multidisciplinary expertise, integrity and credibility.

Our Vision

A culture of Customer Centric Information and Communications Technology services to better capture customer needs at high quality, cost efficient, state of the art and innovative technology and solutions. An ICT partner that is compassionate to its customers and workforce.

XPE Strategy

Strength in diversity - we patronize and incorporate diversity in our business not only as a solution to be a globally competent but a responsibility and obligation to advance the sense of – Inclusion – fundamental towards the course of our success. We embrace strong partnership with our customers as the core of our business; it is for them that we continuously develop to cope up with their ever changing demands. Partnerships with local and international technology providers with broad network of diverse products & innovations in providing customers a better and wider range of choice. We BUILD by constantly working together establishing long-term partnership with our valued customers and capable suppliers.

Our Values

Diversity: XPE adopt diversity as a strategic approach in achieving success in our business.
We believe that it is the best and right thing to do to be at edge in a globally competitive market. We took ownership on the opportunities and challenges onwards in a changing lifestyle and we are working double time so that diversity will not just merely be a statement of principle but it is ingrained in every dimension of our business transactions and environment.

Our Customers: We acknowledge that we exist because of the need of our customers which is why we in endlessly thrive hard in developing and innovating to meet their needs and demands.
At the same time we are committed in taking a lead towards technological advancement without compromising other values.

Our People: We regard that our employees are our assets and partners of the company to the realization of our ideals and vision.
We are constantly committed in providing solutions grounded with a culture of compassion and excellence.
XPE is dedicated to providing a work environment which nourishes the quest for enlightenment and positive personal human growth for its employees all the while recognizing that an integral part of this quest is to produce innovative technology solutions.

Excellence: In achieving a guaranteed excellence in our performance, we enculturate excellence in everything that we do and we keep on doing it better day by day.

Credibility: We anchor our credibility in our competence – knowledge gain in experience, skills and pro-activeness; trustworthiness – preservation of our excellence; and dynamism – ability to adopt in constantly changing evolution of technology.

Integrity: We accept accountability to our brands, because it’s a TRUST upon us.

Our Business Principles

Since the foundation of XPE, it has been venturing to build a business established on sound human values and principles. Our core values are unchanged from the time it was founded, and reflects the fundamental principles of fairness, honesty, and a general concern for people. We always put ahead the importance of business transactions based on credibility and integrity.

We recognize and concede to the fact that success in business is a manifestation of giving due regards to professionalism, manner and responsible conduct of its management and employees.

This compelled us to ensure that every function in our organization is placed with the right people and staffs are equipped with the appropriate skills, experience, knowledge and provided with the necessary updated training programs and advance tools to do their job.

XPE acknowledge the indisputable, reasonable and absolute concern of the clients in the conduct, values and responsibility of the company behind our brands.

We are committed to world-class performance with our customers, yet services are cost-effective. By adhering to the highest level of ethical standards, we will be able to attain this accomplishment