Archiving System

Archiving System is a documenting program designed to meet the needs of organizations for storing documents and their types and saving them in folders for organization purposes through integrated archiving system that includes (types of documents, file compression and encryption, folders and documents views and files views within document), which makes documents creation and search very easy, simple and with minimal effort compared with other programs.

Pages were arranged orderly, easily and simply all over the system that it takes to figure out how to access what the user needs only minutes to deal with all the program pages with absolute professionalism.

The program also serves the needs of various categories of users from the level of simple user responsible for date entry having the minimal archiving skills to the highest levels in dealing with electronic systems within the scope of the granted and specific privileges.

The program operates with Web technology and provides connection property over computer networks either LAN or WAN. Supported by the User Privileges Management System that facilitates the distribution of tasks to the users of the program according to their specialization as recognized by the system administrator. This gives accuracy and reliability to the stored documents and prevents manipulation of the input. This is in addition to many important competitive advantages like support of Arabic and English with the ability to add any other language.