The LijanPro program (Meeting Management System) represents an integrated environment for managing the meetings of councils and committees, covering all administrative and technical aspects, starting with the formation of the board or the committee, through registering the members, preparing the sessions with their full contents, managing and on voting them, preparing the MoM to sign as meeting proceedings, signing them , closing the session and archiving their files electronically.

It as a program that comes within the efforts to move from the manual preparation of meetings and boards and committees and management in the traditional way to modern electronic form to achieve the concept of paperless management and activate the role of information technology in the work of councils and committees' meetings.

The Lijan Pro system aims to provide a computerized infrastructure that helps managing meetings of committees or boards in an electronic manner that facilitates work and improves performance.

The system consists of two main parts:

First part is a preparatory section for preparing the meeting agenda, loading files and records, following-up sessions after the meeting and what has been done. The secretariat team is implementing this section. The second part is what committee members do during or outside the meeting.